Trojan Hydraulic Squeeze  Chutes
The Trojan hydraulic chute is ideal for branding, vaccinating and general processing.  With three sizes, four designs, and several options to choose from, there is a unit to fit your needs.  All chutes are made of heavy guage steel to assure years of reliable service.  The chutes are completely hydraulic featuring fast acting stanchion type gates and sides that will hold the animal but not injure. 
Chutes are powered by a quiet 3-horse power electric motor, and feature hydraulic components of the highest quality.  The hydraulic controls have a built in relief valve to prevent over squeezing the animal.  All pivot points are protected by either hard steel bushings, the new types of plastic or heavy duty bearings (depending on which design) for lasting use.
Choose from the calf, standard, or exotic sizes of chutes and fit the chute to your operation.  Wheather you choose the Rancher, which features bushings with grease fittings at the pivot points, the all bearing chute, or the standard chute, which uses a combination of both, you can be assured of the highest quality material and workmanship in the industry.